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Developing An eCommerce Site: List Hundreds of Products, Organize Thousands of Items, Import Millions of Parts

If you are looking to start developing an eCommerce site and are unsure how or where to get've found your starting point. Web Shop Manager has everything you need. Whether you are looking to develop an informational site or sell Hundreds, Thousands, or Millions of products online, WDS is your new best friend. Developing an eCommerce site has many factors to consider from deciding what your pages will look like to thanking your customer for their purchase. One of the greatest...


Web Development Project Spec Sheets, Why?

Being a Web Development firm at our core, we create a lot of big web development projects from the ground up. The most affordable, successful, complete, on time projects always start with a detailed specifications sheet. Literally a 10 page, outline format description of every view and page on the site that a visitor would see. There are multiple reasons for this... To get an accurate price quote quote before committing to the project and development team. Something to...


How to get the Best Website Design

We're always asked by our new clients if there is anything they can to to help our Web Designers through the process of creating their online presence. To that we reply with an enthusiastic and resounding YES! . Of course you're hiring us to take care of the whole process, but the more direction we have the better the end result will be. Decide what style website you want - retro, future, art deco, classy, simple, contemporary, web 2.0, glossy, organic. Take note of other...


10 Items to Consider When Creating an Ecommerce Site

Deciding that you want to sell your products or services online is exciting. Trying to figure out what you need to make it happen can be exhausting. Finding the right eCommerce solutions company and Content Management System (eCommerce CMS) for developing your site can be frustrating and expensive. I experienced all of these feelings and more when assigned the task to start creating an eCommerce site for my employer. If you sell a product or service developing an eCommerce site may be...


Manufacturer eCommerce for Dealers

In an effort to make Web Shop Manager more Manufacturer friendly we have added the following features to the Dealer package (some are applicable to all packages)... You can now block Dealers or other users from the free shipping option. You can now force Dealers or other users to only have Invoice for payment method. You can now set special messages for each step of the checkout for the Dealers or user groups. Limit certain pages, categories, & products to specific...


Live Chat for eCommerce

WSM just launched our new Live Chat for eCommerce module which is available to all users in the Dealer package. Tests have shown conversion rates increasing from 2% to 20% with customers you engage in Live Chat for eCommerce customer support using suggestive up sell and cross sell techniques. Additionally you can be helping more people at once while doing other tasks using chat. By: Dana Nevins


eCommerce Survey Module

We are proud to announce our new Advanced Survey module so you can keep your finger on the pulse of your customers wants and needs. It offers many different question configurations including...

  • Yes or No
  • True/False
  • 1 through 5
  • Fill in the blank
  • Multiple Choice with images
By: Dana Nevins


Managed eCommerce - Reloaded, Again!

After a lot of fussing we are finally able to show the world our new site. Along with all the new managed eCommerce features we have been launching we felt the need to our website to the next level as well.

Please let us know what you think!

By: Dana Nevins


New eCommerce Checkout System

The new eCommerce checkout system for WSM3 is now live! Completely redesigned and enhanced, this new system features a much easier and faster checkout experience for your customers needs. By: Dana Nevins


eCommerce Photo Gallery and Event Calendar

FREE to all Web Shop Manager V3.0 users is a fully featured eCommerce photo gallery with nested albums as well as a basic event calendar to keep your eCommerce site visitors on top of things. By: Dana Nevins


Web Shop Manager V3.0

After a 2 years of planning and 1 year of web development it's finally here. If you are currently using V2.3 please contact us to coordinate your free upgrade to Web Shop Manager V3.0. The list of new eCommerce features are endless! By: Dana Nevins

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