Being a Web Development firm at our core, we create a lot of big web development projects from the ground up. The most affordable, successful, complete, on time projects always start with a detailed specifications sheet. Literally a 10 page, outline format description of every view and page on the site that a visitor would see. There are multiple reasons for this...

  • To get an accurate price quote quote before committing to the project and development team.

  • Something to point to if later there is a question about what was going to be done for the money being paid.

  • The web designers would use this as a basis for creating all the screen shots and UI for your site.

  • The developers would use this to make sure they have a clear view of all features needed for initial planning.

  • To show your investors or later your purchasing party for a better valuation of the company & website.

  • Most important, it allows your team to get all your thoughts together in one place.

The only thing that could be done to improve on this, for pre-production documentation is a full set of wire frames ensuring information architecture is ideal. This is a service we offer, regardless of if your planning on using us or putting out the spec for bid.

By: Dana Nevins



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