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Building on what we discussed previously in "5 Important Questions to Ask Before Starting an eCommerce Blog" I would like to offer some suggestions for developing news worthy blog topics for your eCommerce site through developing innovative content.

The most important thing to consider when formulating your innovative content driven posts is your audience.  Ask yourself who am I writing this for?  It should be the same people that visit your eCommerce website to make purchases.  Not everyone that stops by your eCommerce site is an expert, so don’t alienate anyone.  Speak with a clear, easy to understand voice, and keep it concise.  I know it’s hard to believe, but people don’t want to hear ramblings about your kid’s lemonade stand, they just want the facts about the products or services you offer.

Brainstorming eCommerce Blog TopicsGrab a pen and paper and begin to brainstorm about possible topics.  You certainly don’t need a glamorous product to come up with resonating blog topics.  Whether you sell products, or services there are people in need of the information you can provide.  This will establish you as the calm in the storm, the voice of reason, but don’t get a big head now.  From those topics you can spider web out your ideas to include more subject areas and then put them into a logical order so you can link back to previous posts (please see example of link in first paragraph – clever aren’t I?), allowing your audience to read through easily as each eCommerce blog post builds.

Here are a few ways to generate innovative content for your eCommerce blog:

  • Customer feedback/ questions:  If several people ask the same questions over and over, you should address it formally in a post.  There are many people that simply won’t raise their hand to ask.  A great example of utilizing this technique is Laptop Parts Expert’s blog, where Jeremy uses customer calls to formulate responses via blog posts.  He takes questions from consumers and turns the responses into short and sweet blog posts that are easy to read, and understand. If you want to know what your audience wants, ask them. Use the eCommerce feature Interactive Survey module available to you through Web Shop ManagerTM.

  • Nuggets of Knowledge: Think about the things you have learned that have furthered your understanding or enjoyment of a product.  For instance, imagine that you are an antique dealer and recently obtained a painting from an 18th century American artist.  People that visit your eCommerce site would love to know a bit more about the artist’s life and circumstances surrounding the painting which would potentially increase your chances of selling that piece.  You know what you are selling, and it is your job to communicate your knowledge with your customers so they can make wise purchases. 

  • Products Defined: Perhaps if people knew how a certain product or service benefits them, they would be more inclined to purchase it.  See for instance Web Shop Manager’s blog post "List Hundreds of Products, Organize Thousands of Items, Import Millions of Parts".  A post like this helps potential customers clearly understand how they could benefit from using Web Shop Manager’s eCommerce Modules.

  • Industry Trends: Keep tabs on what is happening in your industry by subscribing to RSS feeds of trade organizations, and by setting up Google Alerts to deliver news worthy information.  By reading articles from others you will find valuable inspiration to spur ideas of your own, and generate current, insightful articles. 

In closing, let’s review: when posting an entry, above all else keep your audience in mind.  The minute you lose focus, they will too.  If you own an auto parts store, don’t review a local restaurant.  Become the expert and share your knowledge.  People will return to you for your sage wisdom over and over, and when the time is right they will purchase from you, the trusted source. 

Next month we will explore methods to drive traffic to your eCommerce blogs, including an attention grabbing title structure.  Until then, happy blogging!

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Emily Dunn, Brown Bag Agency

By: Dana Nevins

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