The eCommerce solution for Antique & Vintage Shops, Fine Arts Galleries, even Antique Dealer Websites

Web Shop Manager™ (WSM) will partner with you to create an Antique Collectibles eCommerce website that will showcase your unique, rare, vintage, antique & collectible items in a way that conveys their worth, and value to antique collectors. Your eCommerce customers will have the ability to preview Vintage Antiques details in multiple zoomed in views, helping them build confidence that they have found the exact antique or collectible they have been searching for. Increase your Vintage Collectibles exposure with WSM's flexible categorization and attribute system which allows products to be organized in unlimited ways. Whether your eCommerce site will feature vintage salt and pepper shakers, vintage postcards, antique toys or European antiques, we can take your Antique & Collectible eCommerce business to the next level and reach a global audience!

WSM was designed especially with the novice to intermediate eCommerce user in mind. Making changes to the Photo Gallery, and Suggestive Selling eCommerce features can be done in-house easily. If you are looking for an eCommerce Web Development company that understands your Antique Store needs and concerns as an eCommerce business owner, contact WSM today. We would be honored to help in your Antique eCommerce Store success.

A few more reasons we’re the best choice.

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WSM is the best eCommerce software for Search Engine Optimization. Our automated SEO features are working even when you aren’t! Every night WSM automatically generates product feeds to ensure your site is being crawled properly by search engines.
Automatic SEO
Our eCommerce Content Management System offers complete control while maintaining an ease of use that is unmatched in the industry. The point-click interface allows users to quickly make changes on the fly without waiting for a webmaster to do it for you.
Intuitive Content Management System
Our primary goal at WSM is to bring success to your growing eCommerce business. Web Design that focuses on generating conversions is a testament to this. Every design decision is prefaced with the question what can we do to increase sales? Let WSM be your partner in success!
Conversion Oriented Design
Take customer service to the next level with Web Shop Manager’s easy to use live chat feature! Allowing customers to interact in real time with a customer support specialist can be the difference in gaining or losing a sale. Unanswered questions are a thing of the past with WSM.
Live Chat Module

How WE have Revolutionized the Antique Collectibles Market for our Clients...

Your Antique Gallery Web Design – Antique & Collectible eCommerce reinvented.

Are you the owner of a Vintage Antique, Antique & Collectible, Antiquities Gallery, or an Antique Dealer? If so, you have come to the right place...with features designed specifically for Antiques & Collectibles eCommerce you can add product photos and detailed descriptions quickly and in an organized way that will appeal to interior designers, beginning enthusiasts, and the most sophisticated collectors alike.

  • Easy to use and comprehensive Content Management System (CMS), to easily manage all of your eCommerce products and content.
  • Dealer Management allows you to categorize each item with your own ID and your Dealer's ID.
  • Powerful Admin Interface allows you to add items faster. We have stores with 50,000 items!
  • Advanced Photo Processing takes images from your digital camera and enhances them for better presentation.
  • Unlimited Categories/Nesting so you can organize your items in the best way possible.
  • Brands & Attributes to assist customers in finding antiques by their favorite designer, artist, or manufacturer.
  • Specialized Events, Blog, and Gallery features to showcase your work.
  • e-Commerce Antique Web Design to make sure your website visually appeals to your visitors.
  • Your Antique Store Shopping Cart...reinvented.

Web Design Solutions developed WSM to become the most comprehensive Content Management System (eCommerce CMS). WSM's approach was to access the needs and concerns of eCommerce clients and to address them in the form of robust eCommerce features like integrated SEO, and QuickBooks Syncing. WSM is more than just a team of talented web designers & developers. WSM is your eCommerce partner for the lifetime of your current site, and the next one. The ultimate Antique eCommerce Solution is finally here!

Contact WSM to disuss how over 10 years of eCommerce experience can benefit your eCommerce endeavor. For more info on eCommerce Antique Web Design or eCommerce Antique Web Development Request a Quotation.