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The holidays are over and now existing and aspiring eCommerce business owners are thinking ‘what can I do to different in 2012?’ A new website can be just what is needed to take advantage of the booming eCommerce web sales. The US census bureau reported that in the 3rd quarter alone, e Commerce sales hit $48.2 billion dollars! A new web site design or a brand new website could be just what you need to get your part of the pie. With the economy on an upward trend and eCommerce showing greater growth than retail sales, new websites have an amazing chance of being profitable in 2012. What type of new website are you looking to launch this year?

What Type Of Site Would You Like?

    • A new Automotive Website using a year make model look up can help customer find parts that they are looking for faster than ever. Do you have all of the product information for your new automotive website? No, not a problem! WSM can help populate your new website with millions of parts. A new website needs to be using the latest website search functions and all of WSM new websites are designed to offer the latest and greatest features out there. No matter what part of the automotive industry you are a part of, Off Road Websites, Truck or 4x4 eCommerce or Power sports & Motorsports e commerce WSM has a content management system that will easily work with your new website design! 

    • Do you have an Action Sports eCommerce business that you want to expand with a new website? Specializing in skateboard ecommerce, WSM can create a new website that is edgy and appeals directly to your consumers. Skateboard websites are booming and surfboard sales are on the rise. Transworld surf reported that in just the first half of 2011 action sports sales had a 9.4% sales increase! Get your new website started by contacting us today!

    • Travel booking eCommerce websites  have been using WSM for years! Everything from helicopter tour companies to Segway tours companies have been booking travel & tourism online with an amazing website from the WSM team. Looking to start a new travel website? You can easily promote your business using our blog feature , integrating with your social media sites & allowing customers to reserve directly online! 

    • If you are looking to grow your restaurant or bar business next year, how about a new restaurant website? More and more people are looking to a venue’s website prior to committing to visit even if a they were referred by a friend! It is great if your company is being listed by companies such as Yelp! or Yellow Pages, but with no website to link it diminishes your brand image! A new website design can be built quickly and affordably by the WSM team just for you.

As you can see no matter what business you are in a new web design can help promote sales and make you more successful in 2012! But how hard is it to get a new website up and running? So easy! Most of our new websites are built and live on the internet in only 60 days. After the new site is up and running you are in complete control of your site. If you can write a word document and attach it to an email, you have all the skills you need to control and maintain your new website. This is so amazing because this means that you do not need to pay anyone to make small edits to your website, add new products, or write a new news article.

While there are a lot of companies out there that can design you a new website, we have found that our customers are so happy with the speed that their new site is done and the amount of customer support that is available to them after their site goes live. See some Web Shop Manager reviews and learn how others felt about their new website design! Want to learn more about getting a new website? Contact us and someone will be in touch with you within hours. 

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By: Dana Nevins

BEDSLIDE - Client Testimonial

"The best thing out of everything was that our sales went up. The new site had a better design, the checkout process was better, and ultimately achieved all of our goals. That site has been up for a year and a half and we’re very happy with it, it’s still awesome." - Jake Plappert