The Changing Marketing Landscape in eCommerce

It should come as no surprise that the web has completely changed the way that marketing works. Old strategies no longer apply in a world that is interconnected. In fact, new companies Online Marketing Landscapethat try to apply old marketing strategies will most likely fail, especially small businesses.

Let's take a look at the the changing marketing landscape and compare it to marketing in the Internet Age. We'll also explain why this change is a good thing for your business.

"Broadcast" Marketing - How Things Used to Be Done

Broadcast marketing meant that the company was in total control of their brand and the consumer experience. There were three basic components to the broadcast marketing strategy:

  • Create a product or provide a service that can reach the widest number of potential consumers
  • Use a marketing message that reaches out to as many potential consumers as possible
  • Build a brand name that can then expand beyond the initial product to other kinds of products

Why Broadcast Marketing Isn't As Effective Today

The sole reason for this is the internet. Consumers now have plenty of product information and many different ways to learn about products. In fact, the internet has also caused the consumer base to break into subgroups with their own interests.

On top of that, modern consumers are brand savvy and marketing savvy. They know the old form of marketing when they see it and they know how to ignore it if it doesn't speak to their needs.

In order to reach the consumer of today, you need to speak to them as individuals rather than just a mass of buyers. That's where this new marketing strategy comes into play.

"Narrowcast" Marketing - How Things Are Done Today

Narrowcast marketing is about interaction between the company and the consumer, and allowing the consumer to customize his or her own experience of a brand. The three main principles of narrowcast marketing are:

  • Create a product or service that will meet the needs of a specific kind of consumer
  • Use messaging to target those specific consumers and then turn them into champions/advocates for your business
  • Let the people who champion your business help define your brand moving forward

Why Narrowcast Marketing Is Good News for You

Broadcast marketing was great in the past for big businesses, but small businesses couldn't get a foothold in the marketplace. With the advent of the internet and its quick evolution, information has democratized and the playing field leveled.

Look at what narrowcast marketing stresses:

  • Catering to individuals who would already have an interest in what you provide
  • Word of mouth advertising from previous customers to expand your consumer base
  • Consumer interaction to define your direction and evolution
  • Continued customer satisfaction as a means for success

With Facebook, Google+, Twitter, YouTube, and other social media outlets, you have the ability to reach out to so many customers who want what you provide. There's no need for an expensive media blitz at the outset. Think of it this way: you're not creating a broad national ad campaign to attract customers, instead you're using the internet to foster a community around your business that will estabish, grow and expand your brand over time.

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By: Dana Nevins

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