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At Web Shop Manager™ (WSM) our job is to develop eCommerce websites that help to sell products ranging from a dog collar, horse tack, to farming equipment. Whatever your specific needs are, WSM is the eCommerce partner to help your wants and needs become a reality. There are specific eCommerce features to consider when developing Pet and Farm Supply websites. Some features that will help the success of your Pet Supply eCommerce website include; the ability to easily add-edit-rearrange pet supplies, detailed and SEO optimized product descriptions, the ability to add Custom Product Options for customized pet products, and manage 1000s of eCommerce products with ease. When you have other things to do besides spend time managing an eCommerce website, like processing orders, you can look no further than WSM.

With WSM as your tractor supply or pet meds eCommerce CMS you can be confident that we value your feedback. In fact, many of the web developments we have made over the years were simply to help our eCommerce clients make more money. WSM comes eCommerce feature packed with tools like product Import Export to upload 3rd party product listings and Ratings & Reviews so that your customers can share their unbiased opinions with others while being moderated by you. In addition, whether you are an SEO expert of not you will find we have made some incredible strides towards automated Search Engine Optimization.

A few more reasons we’re the best choice.

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WSM is the best eCommerce software for Search Engine Optimization. Our automated SEO features are working even when you aren’t! Every night WSM automatically generates product feeds to ensure your site is being crawled properly by search engines.
Automatic SEO
With our revolutionary data import/export tool, you will be able to manage your website more efficiently. You can easily migrate from another eCommerce shopping cart, import or export huge inventories all at once, and export specific page statistics. You won’t believe what’s possible with WSM!
Easy Import/Export Tools
Our primary goal at WSM is to bring success to your growing eCommerce business. Web Design that focuses on generating conversions is a testament to this. Every design decision is prefaced with the question what can we do to increase sales? Let WSM be your partner in success!
Conversion Oriented Design
Our partnership with eBridge allows us to offer a variety of powerful integrations within our eCommerce CMS. With Lightspeed, Quickbooks, MOM, and ShipWorks at your disposal from the get-go, the possibilities for success are endless.
Partners Third Party Intergration
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The Best eCommerce and Web Development Solution for Pet Supplies Manufacturers – Wholesalers and Retailers

Customized eCommerce and Web Development Solutions for Pet Supplies Companies from Pet Collars to Grooming Supplies

Are you looking for an eCommerce solution for your online Aquarium Supplies, Dog Grooming Supplies or Tack business? We are certain you will enjoy working with the web design & development team at WSM as well as the eCommerce CMS. We customize each project to match your wants and needs. The team at WSM will support you during the design and development stage until after your eCommerce site has gone live to make sure things are just the way you want them and the way you expect them.

  • Easy to use and comprehensive Content Management System (CMS), to easily manage all of your pet supply products and content.
  • Dealer Tools allow you to set up special pricing, and content pages for certain Pet Supply distributors only available after login.
  • Retail Dealer Locator so you can represent every dealer across the country carrying your Farm Supplies or Pet Supplies brand.
  • Unique or Global Options will help you ask all the right questions, and simplify the ordering process even if you manufacturer custom dog collars.
  • Advanced Photo Processing takes images from your digital camera and enhances them for better presentation.
  • Photo Gallery organizes photos of animal and human fans, and your homepage slideshow that you control! Allow customers to help you sell by allowing comments on photos for word of mouth marketing.
  • Unlimited Categories/Nesting so you can organize your pet supply items in a logical, orderly fashion for your customers.
  • Brand/Logo Management to assist customers in finding pet supplies, and farming supplies from their favorite brands on any page.
  • Your Pet Supplies / Farming Equipment Shopping Cart...reinvented.

With 10+ years of eCommerce web design & website development experience, the talented team at WSM is ready to catapult your pet supplies or farming Equipment Company to the top of the search pages. When you decide you want a brand extension for an eCommerce website, contact WSM for your Pet Collars, or Dog Grooming Supply brand, instead of a taking a number at the counter, be sure to contact WSM. From dog collars to high end saddlery, the Best Farming Equipment & Pet Supplies eCommerce Solution is finally here!

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