Customizable CSV & XML Data Import / Export Tool

Revolutionary Data Import/Export for eCommerce

The end goal for every feature developed by the team at Web Shop Manager (WSM) is to simplify the lives of our clients and subsequently make selling online easier. Our Data Import/Export tool is no exception to this mentality, as it is packed with features that are specifically designed to make managing your products a positive experience instead of a hassle. Our Import/Export tool was designed to cover just about any situation that may arise in the management of your online inventory. While the complete list of applications would be an exhausting read, here are a few that we guarantee will have the power to change your e-business for the better:

Data Import/Export Tool Benefits in eCommerce

While operating and maintaining a successful eCommerce website has quite a few fundamental differences from doing the same in a brick & mortar location, there are also a lot of similarities. For instance, keeping track of inventory levels and data in general, and updating them when necessary is an unavoidable task. It’s just part of “the biz,” and neglecting to do it isn’t an option. However, WSM’s data import/export tool is designed to alleviate as much of this hassle as possible, allowing you to spend more time running a business and less time dealing with data entry. Here are a few ways WSM can help:



Create Mass Exports for Edits: A very common occurrence in the world of eCommerce is the discovery of a need to edit something about the products you offer, and not just one product, all of them. Going through each individual product page will turn a quick fix into a daunting task. WSM’s data import/export tool is the perfect solution to this problem, making the process quick and painless. With very little effort you can create a mass product export, where the edits can be done on the spreadsheet and then imported back into WSM.

Automating Shopping Data Feeds: Any eCommerce store worth its salt knows how beneficial taking advantage of Google Shopping can be. WSM’s custom data import/export tool makes doing this so easy that it takes almost no effort! While partnering with WSM means that most of the grunt work involving updating a data feed with Google Shopping will be done automatically every day, there may be other shopping feeds you want to upload to in addition to Google. Our dynamic import/export tool makes doing this a breeze, quickly consolidating all of your product information into one easy to understand file that is ready to be imported somewhere else.

Easily Export Orders: If you’ve been involved in eCommerce for any substantial amount of time, you have probably seen firsthand how complicated and problematic dealing with clients’ orders can be. A partnership with WSM and access to our eCommerce data import/export tool marks the end of that frustration. All customer orders can be mass exported with a few clicks of the mouse, giving you a consolidated list that can be easily managed and imported elsewhere.

Order Exports—Connect your eCommerce Website to Third Party Software

Integrated into WSM is the ability to create order exports in a variety of formats. Depending on the application, each format can be used to connect with shipping, accounting, and CRM (customer relationship management) programs.

From all of the order screens within WSM there are now 4 distinctly different order exports available, each working in conjunction with Advanced Search for an incalculable number of exports. They are outlined here: