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Dale's Superstore

Performance Truck & Jeep Parts

Case Study - Dale's Super Store

"From zero to 1.3 million in sales in a year"

"The difference between your success and failure is how people find you and their ability to use your website. Web Shop Manager builds it better than anyone else for the automotive industry..."
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Performance Truck & Jeep Parts

Case Study - MotoWheels

"Orders Have Grown 500% Since Our Site Went Live"

"We wanted to truly excel in our industry and grow revenue. At the time, we knew we would have had to pay an exorbitant amount of money to build the features we wanted and that even if we did there was a high probability we may still not get the end result we desired – which is why we decided to partner with Web Shop Manager to develop our ideal website and features. The choice to work with Web Shop Manager was easy and..."
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KT Performance

Automotive Aftermarket Distributor

Case Study - KT Performance

"One of the Best Decisions We’ve Made for the Growth of Our Company - Sales Have Grown 6 Fold"

"We were burned by three website companies before partnering with Web Shop Manager. We finally made the right decision and chose Web Shop Manager. Looking back, is it one of the best decisions we’ve made as a company to get us to where we are now. We are eager to continue with our relationship with Web Shop Manager and..."
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American Toppers

Truck Accessory Manufacturer

Case Study - American Toppers

"Our Website is Head and Shoulders Above the Competition"

"We’ve been with Web Shop Manager since February 2012 and have seen a significant increase in online inquiries, appointment setting, and product inquiries. Our website’s design and functionality, especially the parts lookup and brand optimized landing pages, are the keys to turning local online buyers into in-store buyers. Our design is very appealing and the site is very easy to navigate. We have also been able to..."
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Pit Stop USA

Motorsports Aftermarket Distributor

Case Study - Pit Stop USA

"After Launching Our Web Shop Manager Site in 2010, Sales Increased Significantly Almost Overnight"

"We evaluated dozens of potential vendors and eventually selected Web Shop Manager because we knew we’d get the personal attention, automotive eCommerce experience, and technology we required to be successful. Web Shop Manager has proven to be a great partner – the performance of our website has..."
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