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ProAm Auto Accessories

ProAm Auto Accessories

ProAm Auto Accessories is an automotive parts & accessories retailer with nearly 30 years of experience in the industry. Since creating their website in 1997, increased their business reach from a brick & mortar retail store in Houston TX to a worldwide audience! In continuing their online services, ProAm needed a web design company to create a new site with a content management system that is user-friendly to edit their content and products at their own pace. Web Shop Manager (WSM) provided the tools to improve overall success in selling online!

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What We Did

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ProAm Auto Accessories is THE place to go in finding parts and accessories that are hard to find for import and muscle cars. Not only do they have a 8000 square foot warehouse of automotive parts and accessories in the greater Houston area, they have an all star group of professionals to offer extensive knowledge for your automotive needs!

Project Overview/Challenge

For any large automotive retailer, the goal is to have an online store with a clean professional design and an easy-to-navigate catalog with a Year-Model-Make search for the customer satisfaction. In addition, ProAm Auto Accessories needed a site where they can have full control to add product lines for sale at anytime. WSM provided 1-on-1 training along with the tools to help ProAm maintain their online store orders and inventory.


Website Design, Web Designers, Web Hosting, Content Management System, Search Engine Optimization, Year Make Model Lookup


The redesign of provides a sophisticated eCommerce atmosphere which improved the customer's accessibly to search for products with ease. After one day of the re-launch, ProAm Auto Accessories was proud to received their first real order and continue to increase their sales and revenue for the company!