Getting Started

Getting Started

Getting started for reals...
  1. Is it hard to learn Web Shop Manager?
  2. How does the pricing structure work?
  3. Is there any commitment?
  4. Can you import my products?

Q: Is it hard to learn Web Shop Manager?

We built the entire WSM back end from the ground up to ensure that the interface would be easy to understand. Every tech support question we receive is channeled into an improvement to the UI, eliminating the same question from being asked again. The end result is a system that anyone can jump right into and figure out in just moments. When you do have a question or run into a problem our fanatical service and support is there to help with anything you need.

Q: How does the pricing structure work?

Web Shop Manager is more than just a piece of software; it's a service. For a low monthly fee that is based on your monthly traffic usage, you get a fully supported eCommerce and CMS Platform to manage your entire website. If ever a situation arises and you do need help, our knowledgeable customer service staff will always be just a phone call away. And for no extra charge!

Q: Is there any commitment?

Nope! You can leave any time without any penalties or termination fees, and if desired you can have a static copy of your website along with an export of all your data in the database. However, with an extremely customer retention rate, we feel confident that this won't be an issue.

Q: Can you import my products?

We can import products from just about any system out there with an Excel or CSV file, including the images if they map to the product ID or if there is a URL for them in the import file. Please Inquire if you have more advanced needs, like weekly price or inventory updates. We can also import large dealer lists into our locator as well as Year/Make/Model or customer data as needed.