"From zero to 1.3 million in sales in a year"

Dale’s Super Store offers a wide variety of industry leading automotive accessories for car enthusiasts, as well as a few rare pieces that you might not find anywhere else. Dale’s Super Store strives for excellence in customer service, prompt shipping, and a knowledgeable staff to answer all of your questions.

We wanted to grow across multiple platforms

Sales Growth - Dale's Super Store
Kenny Thompson - Dale's Super Store

"The difference between your success and failure is how people find you and their ability to use your website."

"Web Shop Manager builds it better than anyone else for the automotive industry." - Derek

Choosing Web Shop Manager became an easy decision after a failed experience from a different company. Losing more than 6 months of production made us realize we needed to go in a different direction.

We needed to choose someone that understood ecommerce web design and the automotive industry.

While we worked to grow on our other platforms, we saw a huge opportunity for expansion with the right website. We decided to team up with Web Shop Manager because we realize that having an online presence is like a professional sport, and we needed to bring in the experts. You have to understand what you’re good at and what you’re not good at, and we needed someone to come in and manage this.

I’m grateful for the services Web Shop Manager gives us. Going with Web Shop Manager was the first step. We were at zero before starting and now we are seeing a multi million in revenue off the site, off this one platform this year.

The necessary tools for expansion

“Web Shop Manager gives us the ability to manipulate data, to make it unique, to get products, to create categories and the category trees, and be able to suggest how to find products. We are to be able to add different pictures and watch how it all works together. Web Shop Manager will give you a foundation that you can build on whether you want different chat functions, custom ecommerce branding, coupon code functions, and more.”

Dale's Super Store Branding

Providing a strong foundation

“We were left disappointed with the last company we used because they stalled when trying to get a functioning ecommerce site working. One that could do the filtering for category searches by car. Our website reviews came back that we were difficult to navigate. That company specialized in a different area – not ecommerce, not our products.

Web Shop Manager provided an all in one package that we were able to get off the ground and work together off of. They provided the crane work for the strong foundation of our company, because you can’t build a building without a strong foundation. From the moment we got together, Web Shop Manager made it work for me and my product.”

Dale's Super Store - Great Sales Tool
Dale's Super Store - Customer Service

Beyond Customer Service

“Web Shop Manager has trainings and webinars, and they are easy to contact and follow up in emails. We have had conversation about switching platforms from time to time, but we end up just trying to replicate what we already have with Web Shop Manager and we know we can still work on this platform for many years. And we’ll probably never leave it.”