Ingredients to Create a Sensational Website for Automotive Aftermarket eCommerce

Mobile Optimized Website Design

Client Example: Sinister Diesel

Mobile Optimized Website Design (Responsive Design) is becoming increasingly important everyday. As technology continues to evolve, more and more customers are shopping on smartphones and tablets. In fact, traffic from mobile devices is now nearly 50 percent of overall online U.S. retail traffic according to the latest data from IBM Digital Analytics Benchmark. With Web Shop Manager's Responsive Design, your site becomes fluid and intuitive, automatically detecting the size of the screen and adjusting to show a comfortable, elegant site. Sinister Diesel's website is a beautiful example of a Mobile Optimized Design.

You can try this now by simply resizing your window!

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Product Pages

Client Example: Perrin Performance

Your product pages need to be clean and easy to view/navigate. Perrin Performance has excellent product pages. As you can see, the images are detailed and consistent. The prices and "Add to Cart" buttons are obvious and easy to see. Their "View Details" buttons guide the visitor to a new page where Perrin Performance provides accurate, easy to read descriptions about the products and their measurements. Although not utilized on Perrin Performance's site, Quick View is an excellent feature for product pages as it allows a visitor to see details about a product without loading a new page.

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Landing Pages

Client Example: Pro Moto Billet

Landing pages are the perfect opportunity to educate your visitor about what the product is that you are selling. Be sure to make the content educational and not with a tone of selling. Readers catch on to that quickly and will be turned off. Pro Moto Billet's footpegs landing page is an excellent example of a stunning landing page. As you scroll to check out the entire landing page, notice the multiple images of different angles, different styles of products, and the incredible detail of the images. They also provide diagrams to really show the small differences between the different footpegs. Finally, their content is educational and takes the time to detail every aspect of the footpegs that a customer may need to know. All of these aspects combined create this incredible landing page.

Customer Mobile Optimized Design
Customer Product Page Example made by Web Shop Manager - Perrin Performance
Customer Landing Page Example created by Web Shop Manager - Pro Moto Billet