Introducing the SEMA Data Co-Op

The Industry’s Own Solution for Product Data

In the automotive industry, a website can only maximize performance if the data allows it to. Product data serves as the basis for the user-experience shopping the website - categorization, product filters, year-make-model lookup, product fitment, and more.

The Web Shop Manager automotive eCommerce platform integrates seamlessly with SDC (SEMA Data Co-op). The SDC integration saves 1000’s of hours providing access to industry standard (ACES and PIES) product data from 500+ brands and 2.5 million part numbers.

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Time Saved, Money Earned

Unlike other industries, aftermarket automotive product data needs to be consistently updated but farming for those updates and then applying them to your website is tedious and worrisome depending on your platform, your expertise, and your bandwidth.

If you’re like most eCommerce businesses, you’d rather spend your time on more strategic initiatives to drive more sales. We can help!

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Automotive Data & Shopping Experience

The navigation of the website is only as flexible as the data allows. The Web Shop Manager platform with SDC integration places the user-experience and flow of the website at your fingertips.

As the visitor browses your automotive website, they should have a seamless experience navigating category pages, brand pages, and product pages that make sense. The filters (faceted navigation) should allow shoppers to easily narrow their search. The site search should allow visitors to search by SKU, product title, or product type.

With most non-automotive platforms, this experience is extremely difficult or impossible to create.

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Product Data Validated to Industry Standards

Position your business for success with a Web Shop Manager designed website powered by SDC product data. With data that is validated to the industry standards, SDC product data ensures that your business system will stand the test of time.

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Who is SDC (SEMA Data Co-op)?

The SDC was created in 2012 as a non-profit. It is a subsidiary of SEMA and has compiled and made available a vast product data repository for the parts marketplace. SDC is complemented by live Help desk support as well as a full suite of online tools. The SDC is the only industry data repository able to validate all incoming data to the Auto Care Association standards of ACES and PIES, guaranteeing long lasting quality and usability.

SDC does not restrict the amount of data available to approved receivers and is currently the only source of free complete industry standard compliant data.