Drive Conversion & Bulk Purchases with Coupon Recommendations

Ensure Buyers don’t receive an 'out of stock' notice on a page by setting inventory on your products as well as option set, which may include color, size, and fitment variations on your products.

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Strategically Offer Coupons to Increase Your Average Sales Price and Build Brand Loyalty

Place coupons on product and checkout pages to encourage the purchase of additional items and ensure continued patronage

Coupon recommendations give you the ability to provide coupon codes to buyers on your site. For example, if an order meets specific criteria your custom coupon code will be shown individual item pages as well as at the cart page where the code can easily be selected.
With coupon recommendations you also have the ability to show codes that are almost valid for use on the current order. If a $50.00 item is currently in the visitor’s cart, you may recommend a coupon that will allow the visitor to save 5% on his order if $75.00 or more is spent. In this case, on both the cart and item pages the site visitor will be automatically notified that they are nearly eligible for this discount, giving incentive to spend more to reach that discount.