Promote Dealer & Retail Sales with a Dealer Locator Enabled by Google Maps

Drive business to your dealer network or to your brick and mortar stores by making it easy for buyers to locate dealers on a Google map and providing contact information.

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A Dealer Locator Makes Your Brand Local and Personal

Connect buyers to local brick and mortar stores to enable customer service and offline purchases

Whether you have multiple locations or you are a manufacturer supporting a dealer network, a Dealer Locator is a must-have on your website. Providing multiple ways to purchase products is essential, and that includes finding brick and mortar locations. Using Google Maps, Web Shop Manager’s Dealer Locator module can integrate any number of locations onto a map where site visitors can easily access the information they’re looking for.

The Dealer Locator Module includes a search function that enables your site visitors to identify the nearest locations and local dealers. This visitor needs only to enter a zip code and Google Maps will automatically list all of the relevant locations within a set distance. Alternatively, an address can be provided through the store locator that will map the exact location for the user.

Another useful application of the dealer locator is accounting trade shows and events. Use your Dealer Locator much like you would use a calendar feature and announce upcoming trade shows or events. Not only will this spread the word, the location will be marked right on the map so the visitor can find it easily.