Web Shop Manager - eCommerce Web Design Company History


Frustrated with the online business limitations of the ‘90’s, Dana envisioned a tool which could handle the complexity of the emerging DIY automotive market and allow his clients to directly manage their own website with ease. As a “car guy” himself and a self-taught programmer, he embraced the challenge of building an eCommerce platform from scratch for the automotive industry. This would also include a robust user driven content management system focused around rich content such as how-to guides, informational articles and user vehicle gallery with classifieds feature. Web Shop Manager as it would come to be known was one of the first eCommerce platforms to embrace user-generated content as a means to drive online traffic and sales.

Dana, a tech-entrepreneur for nearly 20 years, currently serves as an advisor to multiple tech companies and educational organizations. Under his strategic leadership Web Shop Manager has won numerous awards including SDBJ Fastest Growing Companies, website design and customer service. As his business transforms the automotive eCommerce industry, Dana’s forward thinking is paving the way for the future of online business. He has spoken at multiple internet commerce events, produces webinars on the subject, and is always interested in learning about new opportunities.