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Utilizing SEO Part 2: Search Engine Optimization How To

Dustin de Koekkoek , our in-house SEO Specialist, is back for Part 2 of the Utilizing SEO series! Last week we covered basic definitions that you will encounter often in the world of SEO. Now that we have a basic understanding about search engine optimization, keywords, and their role in SEO, we can move on to actual keyword research. Search Engine Optimization How To: What is keyword research? Keyword research is the most fundamental part of any SEO strategy – it...


Utilizing SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Part 1: SEO Definitions

Our in-house SEO Specialist, Dustin de Koekkoek , is back to share a valuable new blog series on understanding basic SEO to help your site reach the highest ranks of Google searches! The first step to mastering SEO? Learning what some of the main phrases and keywords mean using this basic SEO guide! SEO Definitions: Meta Information & Keywords When planning to do SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for your site, it is important to note that there are some basic SEO...


How to Set Up Google Authorship

Google values blog posts that have Google authorship markup much higher in searches than those without Google authorship. Take advantage of this How-To article written by Web Shop Manager's in-house SEO specialist, Dustin de Koekkoek , to help your blog posts reach the top of Google searches and be read by more viewers! How to Set Up Google Authorship Steps Step One: Verify your email address on Google+ Google first wants to make sure that you are the owner of your email...


Develop a winning coupon strategy!

Consumers on the hunt As the technological age has allowed the consumer to become better informed about products prior to purchase, it has also afforded them the opportunity to search for the best deal when they make the decision to purchase an item online. They should no longer be merely characterized as “online shoppers”, but in fact they are now sophisticated price evaluators, with the simple goal of paying the very least for what they want. More and more recently...


Customer Case Studies

Here at Web Shop Manager, we love to get feedback – both positive and negative about the performance of our company, technology, and service. We take the opinions of our clients seriously. What we love even more than client feedback though is results! Actions speak louder than words after all and numbers don’t lie, especially for the companies featured in our new Company Case Studies page on Web Shop Manager. We are proud to be partnering with these automotive aftermarket...


Web Shop Manager Named #28 in 100 Fastest Growing Companies by SDBJ

Web Shop Manager,   a leading eCommerce solution for the automotive aftermarket and related-industries, captured the 28th spot   on the list of the “100 Fastest Growing Private Companies” by the  San Diego Business Journal .   Web Shop Manager grew 148.15% from 2010 to 2012 .  Their core mission is making online businesses more successful by providing cutting-edge eCommerce technology, industry experience, and expert management of...

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