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How Important is Social Media to Optimizing Your Mobile E-commerce Store?

Social media is booming right now, and you know why? Because people love it, and use it on a daily (if not hourly) basis.  So, when you want to know how important social media is for optimizing your mobile e-commerce store, we give you one word – EXTREMELY!  In fact, search engines pay attention to those conversions you get from social shares and likes, and your rankings improve because of them.  Let’s explore the different ways that social media can improve your sales this holiday season and how to effectively use it to your advantage. Plus, tips for how to enhance social media once the holidays are gone.  5 reasons why social media is so important   You’ve heard before that social media is important to any business, not just e-commerce stores and not just for mobile devices, but you might not know exactly why. Here we break down the why, so you understand how important it is to give your social media strategy a boost...


How to Prevent Abandoned Carts on Mobile Devices During the Holidays

When you own an e-commerce store, you need to put yourself in the mindset of the consumer, especially during the busy holiday season. When you do, you experience those little frustrations that cause people to leave their cart, and cost you a sale. Let’s check out what causes people to abandon their cart, what tools and practices you can implement to recapture the sale, and how to do it in a way that the customer appreciates your efforts (not in a way that annoys them).  Why do people abandon their cart?   Understand why people abandon a shopping cart on their mobile device, and you’ll be one step closer to correcting the problem. There are multiple reasons why this can happen, and no matter what the reason, it can cost you some huge numbers during the holiday season if you don’t shed some light on it. Let’s look at the most common reasons for cart abandonment and how to correct the problem.  >   Problem 1: The...


15 Ways to Get More Conversions for Your E-commerce Store on Mobile Devices

As an e-commerce store owner, you know these days conversions are important to your mobile rankings, as well as your sales (which can act as one in the same). That's why we put so much time and effort in conversion growth for our business. Here are fifteen ways you can improve your conversion rate and make the experience better for your customers.   #1: Add videos   Videos are a great way to give people more engaging information about your products. People can see the product in action and at more angles, thus making them more confident in their buying decision.   #2: Incorporate social media   If you haven’t made social media part of your mobile web marketing campaign yet, it’s time to get started. People love to share items that suit their personality and tag friends with them. It gives you an opportunity to showcase products using a bit of fun and with more personality, and it keeps your brand in front of potential customers....


The Importance of Optimizing Your E-commerce Store for Mobile Devices

With the biggest shopping month of the year right around the corner, it’s time to take SEO for your e-commerce store more seriously. Because optimization is continually evolving, even when you think you've done everything you can, there may be a few little tricks that you’ve missed along the way, or that you’ve let become outdated. So, let’s take a little time and look at the best practices for optimizing your mobile website, tactics you should avoid, and consumer behaviors to factor in. But first, we’ll check out why you should optimize for the mobile web. Why optimize your e-commerce store for mobile devices? There’s a significant increase in people using their mobile devices to find and purchase merchandise online. This is great news for e-commerce stores, as long as you have all of your ducks in a row. In fact, over the last few years, merchants have even dubbed the Monday after Black Friday, "Mobile Monday." More and more people...


Everything you need to know about Google Algorithm changes and how it impacts your e-commerce business

As an e-commerce business owner, when you hear that Google is making an algorithm change, your heart skips a beat. While not all algorithm changes are going to make a direct impact on your business, you want to sit up and listen, because some of them will. And that includes the Google's algorithm change this past April that impacted how people find your business on their mobile devices. But let’s take a step back and look at what an algorithm change is and the history behind them. Then we’ll jump ahead to see how your rankings on the mobile web can affect your bottom dollar, and how you can ensure your e-commerce site is easily found.  What’s an algorithm and why do they change? An algorithm can be viewed as a way to solve a problem or a list of steps to get you to your desired outcome. For example, when you are telling someone how to get to your house for a party, you start by giving out directions step-by-step. In simple terms, you're providing...


Implementing Mobile Web Design 101

It’s easy to get overwhelmed when you start implementing a mobile web design as part of your e-commerce strategy. We're here to tell you – don't overcomplicate it! It's not as hard as you think. Once you get the basics down, you can build on them. But many e-commerce stores do just fine by focusing on the right designs and tools, and not letting themselves implement every tactic, strategy, and piece of advice that comes their way.  Be mindful of what you are trying to accomplish with your web design and it will be easier to narrow your focus on what really matters. Here we’ll explore the importance of implementing a mobile web design that will please your customers, search engines, and your brand. The difference between mobile users and desktop users You may not realize it, but there’s a big difference between mobile users and desktop users. One of the most important variations between the two is the number of seconds they spend on each...

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