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eCommerce Conversion Rate Optimization Series Part 3: Home Page Conversion Boosters

The home page of your ecommerce store is huge for conversions, so optimizing it right should be a top priority for you. Customers expect certain things from an ecommerce home page. They expect it to feature your best products, display your special offers and they go there to consume all information that you have available to them. Make sure to check out Part 2 of our series, sitewide conversion rate boosters 2 . Session capture software has confirmed that whatever it is they are looking for, be it contact details, your returns policy or just to find out what kind of company you are, they will often turn to the home page to find it. You need a solid, well filled-out, content rich homepage. Rich homepages win The richer your homepage, the better. About 50% of the time, people don’t land directly on your home page. They land on your product pages, your category pages, your blog post or PPC landing pages. But most visitors end up visiting the home page....


eCommerce Conversion Rate Optimization Series Part 2: Site-wide Conversion Boosters (2/2)

In part 2 of site wide conversion boosters, we are going to jump directly into some juicy tactics to help turn that browsing traffic into paying customers. If you haven’t checked out part 1 in the series yet, do so here . If you are already up to speed – let’s get going! Appeal to urgency: incentivized time constraints Getting straight into a big one, incentivized time constraints (ITCs) work! An ITC is an action you can trigger based on how much time someone spends on your site, the amount of page views they have made, where they have scrolled to on the page and more. When the action is taken, a pop up will be triggered that will make an offer, which can only be claimed if the customer purchases within a certain amount of time (anything from a few minutes to a few days or even weeks – find the sweet spot for your own unique offer). Incentivized opt-ins A close relative of the ITC, the incentivized opt-in will ask for...


eCommerce Conversion Rate Optimization Series Part 1: Site-wide Conversion Boosters (1/2)

Beginning our blog series on conversion boosters, we’re going to start by talking about tactics that work site-wide. Each conversion booster alone has been shown to have a positive effect on conversions in most cases, so using multiple tactics from this blog and the following series may help you to see a compounding effect on your conversions. In some cases conversions have been known to double or triple by using all of the tactics listed in this series, but it depends from niche to niche and store to store. You don’t have to use all of these boosters, but we encourage you to use as many as you think are relevant and have a positive effect in your industry. They can be implemented in any order. Let’s get going! Ecommerce conversion flow Before we talk about specific conversion boosting tactics, it’s first important to understand ecommerce conversion ‘goal’ flow. Our intention is to get people to move through the ‘system’ of our store. The most common metric...


What Makes a Great Website Part 4 - Writing Effective Product Descriptions

I’m excited to bring to you today the final blog post in Web Shop Manager’s “What Makes a Great Website” series! This final installment covers the topic of product descriptions. I am going to preface this post now by saying product descriptions are not easy. Quality product descriptions take a good amount of time to complete, and although it may seem easier and faster to copy stock descriptions from somewhere else (although, Google penalizes duplicate content), to get the real benefit from descriptions they must be customized and tailored to your site and your products. There are two major items you should look to achieve when writing your product descriptions.     1. Make the product attractive         - You want to make the visitor feel like they need to have this product for their automobile. Highlight the benefits the product provides and why the customer should purchase it.     2. Optimize for...


What Makes a Great Website Part 3 - 5 Banner Design Tips

BANG! Banners are the first thing that hit you when you arrive at a site. For clarification, banners are the images that rotate at the top of a company’s page and can also be referred to as Hero Images. Because banners are above the fold (visible before scrolling down the page), they are extremely important to making that good first impression we all want the visitors of our site to have. So what are some factors to remember when choosing the perfect banner for your site? 1. Keep it Relevant This one is pretty straightforward. If you’re selling truck parts exclusively, having a banner image of a coupe is just going to be confusing for your visitors. 2. Keep it Eye-Catching Have a nice graphic. It doesn’t have to be super flashy, but it should look nice and crisp at the very least. 3. Keep it Clean Make sure your banner image is clean. You never want pixelated images or poorly photoshopped images. Poor banner image...

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