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What Makes a Great Website Part 4 - Writing Effective Product Descriptions

I’m excited to bring to you today the final blog post in Web Shop Manager’s “What Makes a Great Website” series! This final installment covers the topic of product descriptions. I am going to preface this post now by saying product descriptions are not easy. Quality product descriptions take a good amount of time to complete, and although it may seem easier and faster to copy stock descriptions from somewhere else (although, Google penalizes duplicate content), to...


What Makes a Great Website Part 3 - 5 Banner Design Tips

BANG! Banners are the first thing that hit you when you arrive at a site. For clarification, banners are the images that rotate at the top of a company’s page and can also be referred to as Hero Images. Because banners are above the fold (visible before scrolling down the page), they are extremely important to making that good first impression we all want the visitors of our site to have. So what are some factors to remember when choosing the perfect banner for your site? 1....


What Makes A Great Website Part 2 – Website Content Writing

Website content writing is often a difficult job. Coming up with how to write content as well as using the right words to describe your business to a wide audience can be very time consuming and frustrating. Having an in-house copywriter can make the task more digestible, but you also want to make sure that your business is being presented in the way you want it to. Great content is important because it will ultimately determine if people come back to your website and how Google...


What Makes A Great Website Part 1 - Images

It is always important to have high quality images on your site. Although content is considered king and is the most important aspect of your site, beautiful images make a lasting impact on users as well. This article will outline some fantastic use of imagery on websites that Web Shop Manager has designed. Let’s get straight to the good stuff with our first image. This image uses an awesome blend of high definition pictures and drawing style imagery. By combining these two...


Using Automotive Classifieds to Build Your Customer Base and Grow Traffic

A few weeks ago we wrote about our automotive classifieds service Readers Rides and the benefits it could give your site. This week we will focus on using automotive classifieds to build your customer base and grow your organic search traffic! One of the many benefits of using automotive classifieds includes having unique, user generated content published to your site. Google values fresh content being published to a site because Google’s main goal is to help users find exactly what...


5 Awesome Automotive Web Design Banners

Effective automotive web design often goes hand in hand with online banner ads. We aren’t talking about paid ads you see on Google – we are talking about call to action banners within your automotive eCommerce site that entice users to click through your site to your specials and featured products. Pictures speak a thousand words, and if you have an attention grabbing banner it can be incredibly effective in pulling in potential customers and ultimately making a sale. Why is...

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