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10 Tips To Turn Browsers Into Buyers

The first thing you need before trying any of these 10 tips to turn browsers into buyers is a solid foundation. What we mean by this is your site should be user friendly, easy to use, great to look at, and accessible from any device. See our previous article 5 Benefits of Responsive Web Design to see how a responsive site can benefit your business. Now let’s get on with our 10 tips to turn browsers into buyers so you can make more sales with your eCommerce business! Create optimized landing pages. Having optimized (ideally locally optimized) landing pages for products that searchers are landing on your site for is ideal. Having a landing page gives customers instant information about whatever products you are selling and gives them an easy layout to click through to the specific product they may need. Landing pages are great for shoppers who are looking for general items within a specific category but like to have some additional information before...


Readers Rides Automotive Classifieds

Readers Rides is an amazing automotive classifieds service that Web Shop Manager has developed and offers to the automotive eCommerce industry. Readers Rides aims to build a community of automotive enthusiasts within your site that can actively interact with one another. This sense of community draws people back to your site over and over again, giving you more sales opportunities and developing a loyal customer base that will recommend your site to friends and family. Readers Rides allows your customers to showcase their vehicles, comment on other rides that have been posted, and create a list of products they need to complete their build right from your product catalog. Putting your stores catalog on display this way and showing what your parts can make a car look like is essentially free advertisement for your products and website. Readers Rides helps grow traffic and sales organically by leveraging the passion around your brand. By letting your customers...


5 Benefits Of Responsive Web Design

It is becoming increasingly more difficult to have a successful online business today without utilizing responsive web design. If you want to stand apart from your competitors in 2014 and make more money, it is crucial to make your site responsive and ensure that anyone can access your site from any device. This article will outline the benefits of responsive web design and how it can help your business achieve more and reach more customers. Consider this infographic from Digital Buzz Blog: These statistics are huge, and are geared only to go up in 2014. With mobile device users numbering in the billions worldwide – why wouldn't you want to make sure your site looks great on any screen size? What is responsive web design? Responsive web design is just as the name implies – responsive. When a site is built with a responsive framework, the content, images, and structure of the site responds to the screen size of the device that is...


Benefits of a CMS for Big Data & eCommerce

A Content Management System (CMS) like Web Shop Manager makes it easy to build and maintain a high quality website without having limited or any knowledge of HTML and CSS. Content Management Systems are also fantastic for making websites that will have big data and a large amount of products. There are several advantages for utilizing a CMS for designing or creating a website, which include but are not limited to: Ease of use: A CMS makes it easy to create, edit and publish content onto your website. In order to build a website you need advanced knowledge of HTML and CSS, and if you want an interactive site you will also need to know Javascript. A CMS like Web Shop Manager allows customers to easily and quickly publish their content, create or edit pages, and maintain their site with ease and no technical knowledge. Ability to change content: A sites’ structure and content can easily be changed using default templates on Content Management Systems....


10 Tips for Selling A Product

Start with your current customers – The importance of creating a long lasting relationship between your company and your customers is crucial to success. Going to current customers first can create a slew of recurring purchases for lifelong revenue and invaluable word of mouth advertising. Use call to actions – Call to actions are often not completely true, but they do help sell products. A great example of a call to action is placing “limited supply available” or “only 3 left in stock!” calling the customer to make a choice right there and securing that you make a sale with a fear of the product being sold out before they make up their mind. Sell a service not just a product - Make sure everything you have to offer is clear and that your customers can get everything they need from your store and do not need to go elsewhere. If there are multiple aspects to a certain product or item make sure you have everything your...


What Google’s Keyword (Not Provided) Means for Your Site

Keyword (Not Provided) - What is going to happen to my SEO efforts? The looming reality that soon 100% of keywords will be (not provided) in Google Analytics does not change SEO practices of keyword research and content optimization – it only tweaks them slightly. Google has gotten stricter about secure (https) searching and regrettably what has come from this is that all search data that was available to us through Google Analytics is now becoming blocked or “(not provided)”. Google has now made major changes that redirects any user to a secure, SSL encrypted, search environment. Paid search data will not be affected by this rollout of security changes by Google. These changes will affect the way that SEO’s can monitor and track metrics and organic traffic that is driven to sites via keywords, and we will no longer have the ability to predict possible keyword opportunities based on current data. Graph taken from...

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