Our client-friendly Success Process is geared around you, ensuring you get exactly what you want – on time and on budget. Our aim is to deliver success made easy!

Web Shop Manager You
Initial Kickoff
Initial Kickoff
Sitemap & Interactive Moodboard
Receive Content
Review Moodboard
Phase One: Discovery & Planning
Graphics & Artwork
Interactive Prototype
Transfer Content
Interactive Prototype Review
Feedback & Changes
Review & Revise
Site Evaluation
Add Categories
Phase Two:Interactive Prototype
Testing & Validation
Test Order
Final Review
Phase Three: Finalize & Launch

This graphic represents our standard website development process. Project requirements vary and we may modify the process to accommodate custom development needs.

Phase One Discovery & Planning

  • Initial web conference call with Project Coordinator and Creative Director
  • Receive photos, graphics, and content from client
  • Create sitemap and interactive moodboard
  • Review and adjust to client specifications

Phase Two Interactive Prototype

  • Build Interactive Prototype (IP) - An interactive mockup of the project that is designed throughout the build process
  • With client feedback, revise IP up to 2 times, finalize design and solidify site elements
  • Transfer content to new website
  • Final polish of site

Phase Three Finalize & Launch

  • Place test order verifying merchant account, shopping cart, and secure server
  • Finalize website, re-directs, hosting account, emails, and change DNS
  • Ping the search engines
  • Create Google merchant account and submit products to Google Shopping & The Find