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Using Google Analytics With Your Web Shop Manager Site

Using Google Analytics Information is power, and with the astonishing amount of information that you can get from a Google Analytics account you will start making better decisions for your company’s website. The purpose of using Google Analytics is to observe your website’s traffic, monitor your site’s goals as well as your shopping funnel, track your email campaigns, banner ads and social media efforts, create customized reports and dashboards and so much more! If all of this sounds way over your head, do not get discouraged. Utilizing your Google Analytics account to its fullest potential should be an ongoing project. You do not need to try and figure out how to use all of its features in one day. The purpose of this article is to provide you instructions on how to set up your account, add the tracking widget to your WSM site and create site ‘Goals’ to be tracked. First, you will need to set up your Google Analytics account . When entering...


Setting Up Google Analytics Goals

Your new ecommerce website is attracting visitors in droves and you are getting more sales than you ever did before. This will keep you busy for a while, but eventually you will want to raise the bar even more. You can always increase your marketing budget to try and bring more visitors to your site, but what if you can just get more sales from the visitors that are already there? The more information that you can gather from the visitors of your site, the more you can make your decision based on facts and less on intuition. As an eCommerce website your #1 goal is to sell products! So wouldn’t you love to know how many of your visitors intended to purchase a product, but for some reason ditched their filled cart? Google Analytics funnels can disclose this exact information to you.  Understanding where within your funnel the sale was lost can help you understand where you should re-word content, improve images, or lower prices. The remainder of this article will...


Adding YouTube Video To Website

Adding YouTube Video to Website Is Easy & Effective! As eCommerce website developers, we often get asked the question, “What can I do to make my website stand out from the competition?”. While there are many ways that we can suggest for our clients to proceed in differentiating themselves, we often suggest that they add videos to their product pages because of its effectiveness and relative ease. However, we find that this advice rarely gets acted upon! My assumption is that many people think that adding a video to their product page is something very technical that they would not be able to do. Well, my goal of this blog post is to have you posting videos in your sleep. What Can Product Videos Do For My eCommerce Sales? Before I proceed with the explanation of HOW to add videos, I think I need to start with the WHY. Here at Web Shop Manager, we know that product videos will help your sales because we have seen it work for many of our clients and...


Product Descriptions' Effect on Marketing eCommerce Products

There is so much that can be done on the web to promote your eCommerce site and your online products, but often business owners will forget one of the easiest and most cost efficient product marketing tactics. So what is the simple way to sell more products on your website? Write original, keyword rich and unique product descriptions. Although the effect of these changes may not be as instant as putting up some pay-per-click ads, the effect is a proven, long term online product marketing solution. Why eCommerce Product Descriptions Are So Important For Online Sales If you are selling products from a manufacturer then you probably have available to you the product descriptions provided by them. It is tempting to populate your site the fast way by simply copying and pasting the product descriptions into your product pages. However, when you take a minute to think about it you will realize how many other online store owners are likely to follow this same path. This...


PCI Compliant Web Hosting At An Affordable Price!

Web Shop Manager offers a cost effective solution capable of 100% PCI compliant web hosting to anyone looking to start up an online business. Most small business are left to figure out how to be PCI compliant on their own, but here are Web Shop Manager (WSM) we can guide you to operate a successful PCI compliant ecommerce store. Shopping online should be easy, fun and productive. When consumers have to worry about their personal information, it takes away the allure of shopping online. This the basic premise of why you should choose a ecommerce platform that is 100% PCI compliant. What is PCI compliant web hosting? If you are running an online business it is crucial that you have your shopping cart PCI compliant to ensure that you are helping promote a safe and secure outlet for shoppers. When shoppers feel safe to check out online , the entire eCommerce industry benefits! Payment Card Industry (PCI) mandates that any eCommerce transaction is completed over a PCI...


A New Website For The New Year?

The holidays are over and now existing and aspiring eCommerce business owners are thinking ‘what can I do to different in 2012?’ A new website can be just what is needed to take advantage of the booming eCommerce web sales. The US census bureau reported that in the 3rd quarter alone, e Commerce sales hit $48.2 billion dollars! A new web site design or a brand new website could be just what you need to get your part of the pie. With the economy on an upward trend and eCommerce showing greater growth than retail sales, new websites have an amazing chance of being profitable in 2012. What type of new website are you looking to launch this year? What Type Of New Website Do You Wanted Designed? A new Automotive Website using a year make model look up can help customer find parts that they are looking for faster than ever. Do you have all of the product information for your new automotive website? No, not a problem! WSM can help populate your new website with...


PayPal ExpressCheckout - Increase PayPal Sales By 18%

PayPal Express Checkout & Web Shop Manager Unite! In the world of eCommerce, the faster you can get a customer through the checkout process, the better. As a part of Web Shop Manager’s (WSM) never ending quest to provide our clients with the most powerful applications and effective eCommerce solutions, we are now offering support of the PayPal Express Checkout feature! PayPal Express Checkout has been increasing users' PayPal conversions by 18% !  But what exactly can PayPal Express do for you? Well, in a few words: Offer the fastest and most fluid checkout process possible Receive a seal of trust from PayPal on your website Increase orders via PayPal than ever before! Sounds Awesome! How does it work? Step 1: Unlike PayPal Standard which is traditionally embedded as a payment option in the merchant's checkout, PayPal Express Checkout is initiated within the shopping cart via the familiar PayPal logo. The customer simply clicks this...

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