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5 Steps to Leveraging Yelp in Your Internet Marketing Strategy

Yelp boasts over 71 million unique viewers per month and if you haven’t begun to harness the power of Yelp with your business listing – get started now. With proper management and the right elements in place, your Yelp page can persuade even the most discerning consumers to spend money with you instead of with your competitors. In your arsenal of social media marketing tools, Yelp is a direct link to savvy consumers who are ready to be dazzled by doing business with you. Spending the time to build your presence on Yelp and effectively interacting with your customers through your business can be a tremendous asset to your internet marketing strategy and sales as a whole. Step 1. Create Your Yelp Business Account Yelp for Business Owners -  - is your starting point for creating your Yelp page. Whether you have already started your listing or are starting from scratch, Yelp provides you with easy to follow, step by step...


The 5 Minute Guide to Increase Holiday Season Sales

Ok…start your stop watch….now! Here is the five minute read with six ideas to help increase your bottom line from now until the end of the year. No fluff, just value here. 6 Ways to Increase Revenue this Holiday Season Grab Bags. Include products you are trying to liquidate along with samples of popular products, all for a bargain basement price. This way you can sell product you want out of your sale section and your customers are sampling products that they will come back and purchase again. Your customers are thrilled because they receive great products at a phenomenal price. Free Shipping. Free shipping is the quickest way to customer’s hearts. Nothing makes their hearts go pitter-pat pitter-pat any faster. If you do not feel comfortable with free shipping for all, restrict it on orders over $50, for example. Set the limit where you are comfortable and encourage a little more spending to increase the average order size. Cross-Sell/...


PayPal ExpressCheckout - Increase PayPal Sales By 18%

PayPal Express Checkout & Web Shop Manager Unite! In the world of eCommerce, the faster you can get a customer through the checkout process, the better. As a part of Web Shop Manager’s (WSM) never ending quest to provide our clients with the most powerful applications and effective eCommerce solutions, we are now offering support of the PayPal Express Checkout feature! PayPal Express Checkout has been increasing users' PayPal conversions by 18% !  But what exactly can PayPal Express do for you? Well, in a few words: Offer the fastest and most fluid checkout process possible Receive a seal of trust from PayPal on your website Increase orders via PayPal than ever before! Sounds Awesome! How does it work? Step 1: Unlike PayPal Standard which is traditionally embedded as a payment option in the merchant's checkout, PayPal Express Checkout is initiated within the shopping cart via the familiar PayPal logo. The customer simply clicks this...


3 Website Design Strategy Tips That Add Creativity To Your Site

As is the case with most things in the world, website design strategy has changed and evolved throughout the years. In the beginning it was expected that most websites would have a similar look, layout, and functionality. What was different was the content. This left very little room for creative expression in the world of web design, but things have changed! 1) Illustrations & Illustrative Design Illustrations & Illustrative Design have become a very popular web design theme over the past few years. Illustrations are custom drawn design aspects that lend an extremely unique and memorable experience for users on a website. They can include anything from retro cartoon designs, to hand drawn nature scenery, to the more abstract designs. Of course there are tons of different subsets and styles that are encompassed under the illustrative design umbrella, but the point is, it’s not going anywhere any time soon. What's the Appeal?...


Increase eCommerce Sales With Category Trees

Categories are the sections of your website that are broken down into related topics that you can place relevant products into. Think back to the times that you have shopped online and it becomes immediately apparent how important they were to your overall experience, but are you aware of just how important it is and their potential to increase eCommerce sales? What categories will be presented on the home page? How many will there be? How many sub-categories will this one have? What about that one? It can be a long and arduous process to get your categories set up exactly how they need to be, but once you realize what an effective category tree can do for your online sales, you will definitely want to take the time to do it. Categories help customers by narrowing down the amount of products or items they have to choose between. A rule in retail has always been to give the customer 2 or 3 choices, because if you give them 50 choices they will rarely be able to make a decision. This...


Using Google Analytics & Website Metrics- Part 2

Google Analytics Metrics & How You Can Improve Yours! Having a deep understanding of what your Google Analytics account is telling you through all the different data and metrics is a very important step towards mastering selling online. In case you missed part 1 of this blog series, you should check it out here: “ Using Google Analytics & Website Metrics- Part 1 .” Carrying on with the same theme, this article will delve deeper into the metrics themselves, explaining various ways you can improve upon the results you have been seeing. Visitors vs. Unique visitors What can you do about it? When it comes to generating more traffic, there isn’t some industry secret that you can tap into; there’s no magic formula - a good place to start is with your business performance metrics. It’s a process that takes time, but creating captivating content that draws users in and focusing your SEO efforts on targeted keywords that aren’t...

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