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Mobile Cloth

Mobile Cloth

In the battle to eliminate Fingerprints and Germs from Touchscreens world wide a Revolution has begun. The Commander-in-Chief: MOBiLE CLOTH. Made of a unique high tech split micro material MOBiLE CLOTH removes up to 98% of bacteria with no chemicals

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MOBiLE CLOTH started as not much more than an idea. After being frustrated with broken promises given by screen cleaning cloth spray companies, John Hartigan stumbled upon a great solution. After offhandedly wiping his phone screen with a custom ordered cloth that had been designed to use while working on a motorcycle, he realized he had found the answer. After a 2 year endeavor to bring the best possible product to market, he began his own company- MOBiLE CLOTH.

Project Overview/Challenge

When it came to the aesthetics of the website design for MOBiLE CLOTH, the team at Web Shop Manager (WSM) decided that a "tech" inspired vibe would suit the company very well. Since the product is designed with cell phones and other gadgets in mind, this was the best way to capture the target audience's attention.

MOBiLE CLOTH is also involved in an industry that can be hard to trust at times. Everyone has bought cleaning supplies or items that simply did not deliver what was promised. We went to extreme lengths to ensure that the MOBiLE CLOTH website has an intuitive menu layout that showcases testimonials and examples of the product itself in action. In order to generate conversions, you have to show your site visitors why your product is the best choice!


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After the launch of the new MOBiLE CLOTH website, WSM is proud to say they have found great success in selling online. It's amazing what you can do when a great product and a professionally strategized website come together.