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Content Management System for eCommerce

Over the last six months Web Shop ManagerTM (WSM) has received some serious improvements. We believe that you will find that our Content Management System (eCommerce CMS) is the most comprehensive, easy to use CMS out there. We are continuously working on adding more features, and fine tuning WSM to help our clients run their shopping carts more efficiently, and to make more money.

Order Management for eCommerce Stores

Order processing and shipping are major component of an eCommerce website's effectiveness. In a continuing effort to help our eCommerce thrive, we spend a considerable amount of time listening to our clients, and responding to their comments and suggestions. Just one example is how we have streamlined the eCommerce order processing function even more. Now you will find that when 'Will Call' is selected as the shipping method for your local customers, tax is added and the cost of shipping is eliminated.

For those shopping cart items that must be shipped via LTL or truck freight, business owners can choose their own custom message to convey how those special circumstances will be handled. This eliminates customer confusion, and will ensure them that they will be contacted, and by whom.

Within the integrated basic shipping configuration you can specify which areas of the world you are willing to ship to, including the choice to ship to the continental US only.

Using the WSM FAQ module you can create a clean looking, content filled, question and answer style page for all your checkout and shipping policies. Effective use of these pages will help minimize customer confusion, customer service inquiries, and can be easily accessed throughout the checkout process.

eCommerce business owners have more control than ever over order processing. They can capture payments or issue refunds for an entire charge from within WSM using Authorize.net. In addition, for special circumstances, charges can be applied to more than one credit card, or, when adjustments need to be made to the order after the checkout process, products can be added, or deleted from the order with a push of a button.

Customer Management for eCommerce Shopping Carts

Insight into your customers buying habits, including first and last products purchased, can be incredibly helpful when you are organizing up-sell/ cross-sell product promotions, and in developing targeted marketing campaigns. Using the CSV Data Import/Export, customer statistics, orders, and inquiries can be easily exported for further examination.

From your CMS dashboard you can now have the ability to not only see a list of inquiries, but to mark them with their appropriate status. The status column will help you to see at a glance what action needs to be taken next.

Our new custom form builder allows business owners to create their own inquiry forms to meet their specific business needs. Each submitted inquiry automatically generates an email, which can be sent to any email address, and can include cc and bcc email addresses.

Email order notifications are more detailed than ever with the inclusion of Product Option information. These product options may include size, color, finish, etc. to ensure that any mistakes within the order can be amended quickly.

Catalog & Product Management for eCommerce

Take advantage of the brand new, advanced Year Make Model Attribute System. Attributes can be utilized in any instance where selecting the correct part or product is critical. They are used heavily in the automotive aftermarket industry to help site visitors find the correct part for their vehicle by first selecting the item they are interested in, and then specifying the year, make, and model for the search query. When the information has been entered to their satisfaction they will click 'shop' and will be redirected to a dedicated landing page for the products that match their search.

The customer entered search criteria selected will be remembered throughout their shopping session even if the customer clicks away from the landing page. This will reduce customer frustration, and will allow your customer to easily modify their search criteria, or easily clear it and continue shopping.

From a business owner's perspective, the attribute system is easy to manage. With one action you can add a range of years for a specific product. In addition, if brand or manufacturer implements a price increase, business owners have the ability to issue a mass price change for that brand or manufacturer.

eCommerce Site & Feature Management

Our e-commerce CMS modules were designed to be multi-functional and an alternative to labor intensive web development. Our CMS modules are not only easy to customize, but are now even more feature packed, including a field for topic descriptions in modules where topics are assigned. The Resources/ Links module has been updated with the inclusion of assigned topics, and the ability to upload files, and images.

Helping to keep WSM organized we have developed expanding/collapsing folders within the content management system which operate very much like they do in your desktop keeping content neatly bundled for quicker navigation.

On the occasion that you need to delete a file, blog post or image, utilize the new 'quick delete' icon. Another time saving feature is the Multi-Image Uploader. This fabulous CMS feature is now available in the product section of the eCommerce CMS. Putting multiple images to good use, the product image view allows images to be swapped without the need for a slide show.

eCommerce SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Over the last 6 months we have increased the opportunities for eCommerce business owners to combine their SEO efforts with our automated SEO. We have made SEO improvement to Categories & Brands by including an extended description field for you to load up with search engine optimized copy.

Part of a good SEO strategy is to use Blog/News articles to further your efforts and optimize your site with relevant content enriched with even more keywords and phrases. Because of this, WSM has added customized SEO fields. Your eCommerce blog isn't the only thing to benefit from these additions, now your content pages can be assigned topics for categorization, and SEO flexibility.

WSM your eCommerce Solution

If you are currently using the WSM Content Management System you know how powerful, and intuitive it is to use. If you have yet to experience its power, and flexibility we encourage you to take a look at a few of our satisfied customers in our eCommerce Portfolio.

Our goal is to provide amazing eCommerce sites with customized hosting solutions that matches your goals, and budget. Contact WSM today to find out how we can become your e-Commerce partner for the life of your current project, and the next one.

By: Dana Nevins

BEDSLIDE - Client Testimonial

"The best thing out of everything was that our sales went up. The new site had a better design, the checkout process was better, and ultimately achieved all of our goals. That site has been up for a year and a half and we’re very happy with it, it’s still awesome." - Jake Plappert