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  • National Outdoor Furniture Inc. image

    Unlike Web Shop Manager’s other clients, our company sells commercial outdoor furniture, so creating a custom website and cart/quote system was challenging at times and your professional team worked hard to create the new site for us. Sometimes it felt like a round peg trying to fit into a square hole but almost every problem was resolved and my brother Garry and I cannot be happier with the look and function of the new site. Many thanks goes to Greg Loring for creating the homepage and allowing additional changes to create the perfect look. The support team did a good job in responding to our emails and Dale did nothing but instill confidence that we would be happy once the project was completed. In the several instances when the project got off track he stepped in and got us back on track again and both his courtesy and professionalism is appreciated.

    All in all, our company is very happy with the final product and the service we received and this comes from someone who had several very bad experiences dealing with web design and SEO companies over the past few years.

    I would recommend your company to anyone needing a new or redesigned website.


  • BAK Industries image

    The team over at Web Shop Manager just finished a large project for us and we are very happy with the results. Ryan and Marco both did a fantastic job on design and Dale was a true pleasure to work with on a day to day basis as the lead project manager. I feel that the entire team at WSM bent over backwards and went above and beyond to make sure we had exactly what we were looking for on time and on budget. I highly recommend.

    -Stuart Compton
  • Five Star Motor Sport image

    Let me start off by saying how much I appreciate the work that has gone into making the back end of web shop manager so user friendly and completely easy to understand. It's by far the best I have come across. Second your team is very professional and the work you guys do is very next level. Dale was great in the process, Emily is great and is always eager to help out or answer any questions I had, Marco is unbelievable at what he does and is very talented in the design space and other aspects, and Steve has been great with getting small things handled in a timely fashion and being very personable and customer service oriented. You have a great team and company over there and it has been and will continue to be a pleasure to work with you all. Next up is marketing so I can drive some traffic to the site, just devising a budget and then will be contacting prospects to help with Inbound marketing so we can get started with some sales and more important brand recognition. Again thank you and I look forward to having You and the WSM team run my website now and in the future.

    -Chris Ling
  • Extreme Metal Products image

    Excellent experience! The process has gone smoothly; the team has been responsive and accurate. I’m leaving town and will be out of communication for the next two weeks… I feel good about the site and won’t be worried about it. It’s been a pleasure working with Dale and Chris.

    -Stephen M Conder
  • PWS Laundry image

    As we get close to "launch day" for the new PWS website, I just want to take a moment to thank the entire Web Shop Manager team. There are very few business relationships that I respect as much as Web Shop Manager. While PWS is simply a customer of Web Shop Manager, it feels as if we are partners. It has been a true pleasure working with you guys on my 3rd new website/re-design. I look forward to many more years of mutual success.

    -Brad Steinberg

  • Dales Super Store image

    My experience with WSM started about a year ago we have spent a lot of money and a lot of time with another company that told us "we can do it, we are working it" and after a year of production we had nothing to show for it.I talked to my friend Darik and we started a process. Within 90 days we had a working website with all the features he said we would have. We have continued to grow over the last year and we are about to launch our second site.

    - Derek Dobson

  • Pit Stop USA image

    On a VERY positive note, our sales are up over 100% from last November with two days left in the month at Pit Stop USA and our year to date increases are over 60%. I can't thank you and your team enough for making this happen. Our first year with Web Shop Manager has been a HUGE success. Thank you so much for everything you and your team have done to make this a success. Your team has been fantastic to work with.

    -Ed Coughenour
  • San Diego Office  image

    We are up and running very well and the website has become an integral tool in our sales arsenal both here in the store and for our outside sales reps, we could not have done it without your help!!

    - Jordan Shapiro
  • Laptop Parts Expert image

    Our success would not be possible without them - In a time when the economy is getting worse, we are seeing business boom thank to the extraordinary system Dana Nevins has built at Web Design Solutions. Through our growth as well as his own, he never ceased to keep in very close contact with us to service our specific needs. He has added in every feature we asked for while giving us new features we didn't know we need but use every day. Most of all, the SEO built in made us triple business in the first year with his system alone. We at LaptopPartsExpert.com cannot recommend Web Design Solutions strongly enough. You will not be disappointed.?

    -Jeremy Schweaber
  • 5xracing.com image

    WSM Lifer here! - The sales and inquiries are picking up a lot since the new site went up it seems people really like 5x Racing a lot better now and are more comfortable with shopping there as I am getting either orders or inquiries every day. I really have not changed my marketing strategies since getting the site up, so everything has been word of mouth and Google results. By the way, the Google shopping results are off the chain for 5x Racing! I am ranked number 1 on Google for quite a bit of products I offer on the site.

    -John Adamczyk
  • Bates Nut Farm image

    The whole design process from beginning to end was seemless. WDS was there to encourage us to keep going on with the project. When we started to see the project come together, it was so exciting because it was exactly what we wanted, had the feel of what we wanted, the colors... everything about it.

    -Sherrie Ness

  • Babmar image

    Web Design Solutions Is Absolutely The Best Full Service Web Company - Our project, BABMAR.COM, came in on time and on budget just as promised. Dana Nevins, the founder and Software Architect, is truly on top of his game and Ryan Janis, the designer, will astound you with his creativity and speed of execution. Our project required additional programing above and beyond what was agreed on and both Dana and Ryan stepped right up to get the job done at no additional costs. We could not be happier with the the professionalism of the Web Design Solutions team and the quality of their work. BABMAR.COM specializes in selling contemporary all weather outdoor wicker furniture online. So it was extremely important for us to have an all in one ecommerce and content management program as powerful as Webshop Manager, designed by Dana Nevins, which can handle the job with ease. Web Design Solutions continues to provide excellent support to BABMAR.COM long after the project was completed. They offer absolutely the best service.

    -David Burnett