Paginated Search

Want a more user-friendly site? Use paginated search.

Paginated search is simple: when a user performs a search query and a long list of results are returned, this type of search breaks up the results and shows them over multiple pages. This has its benefits:

  • Easier for users to consume
  • Makes page navigation easier
  • More relevant search results appear on the first page
  • Reduced page load time

When developing your site, paginated search also allows you to actively determine sort order, or which products or search results will appear first in the results. This can be popular results, results with limited inventory, or anything else. Search navigation can also help users to search by relevancy and price.

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Benefits of Paginated Search

  • More Digestible Content

    Breaking up a long list of search results allows users to more easily consume the content. It removes indecision and allows the user to focus on a set amount of options before considering to review the next set of options. And remember this: focused users spend more time on site, which translates to increased conversions.

  • Reduced Page Load Time

    Faster load times lead to increased time on site. If a user must wait for hundreds of items to load before being able to view, bounce rate can be high. Dividing search results into a number of pages means only a few results need to load, providing users with a more seamless experience.

  • Increased Page Navigation Options

    Providing users with options to move between search results (back, forward, or selecting a specific page number) means less confusion and more controllable navigation. Additionally, other page navigation, like header and footer and the important links that are housed there, are easily visible.

  • Allows Sort Order Placement

    Paginated search also helps in assigning sort order to results. Want to show your most popular products first in the results? This helps achieve that and shows them in more consumable blocks.

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