Autocomplete Search

When it comes to search, users expect it to work a certain way. If it doesn’t, they’ll try another site.

With PartsLogic, search works just how users expect. It’s intuitive, leads to better search results and improves their on-site experience.

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What is Autocomplete Search?

Autocomplete search is a type of search that predicts what the user will input into the search box. It can determine what the user types in and, as they continue typing, present plausible options for what the user might be looking for.

  • Spelling Mistakes?

    Do users often misspell brand names or parts? No problem! Autocomplete search takes into account spelling mistakes a user might make while typing and presents correctly spelled results.

  • Autocomplete Suggestions

    As relevant results are presented, a user can click any of the results and be taken directly to them.

  • Filtering Results

    As a user begins to type into the search box, the words they type can rule out certain products. For example, if a user begins to type “Toyota” the search will only show Toyota products and will not show products from other brands. As the user continues to type, autocomplete search will continue to refine the filter.

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Benefits of Autocomplete Search

  • Higher Conversion Rates

    Sites with autocomplete search have higher conversion rates than those that don’t. It helps users find exactly what they’re searching for, and it’s fast.

  • Increase User Retention

    The longer a user stays on your site, the more likely it is that they convert. Autocomplete search reduces bounce rate by reducing confusion. Instead, it allows users to easily search for and find products, clearing a path for the user’s intent on your site and paving the way for completed conversions.

  • Improves User Experience with Successful Search Queries

    Autocomplete suggestions always lead to results. When optimized property. autocomplete search gives users confidence that you have what they’re searching for. It also improves user satisfaction with your site and enhances your brand image.

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