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Speed Freaks USA

Speed Freaks USA

Speed Freaks USA is a company that is dedicated to making and selling high quality automotive racing parts & equipment. As they are all avid race enthusiasts themselves, they redesign and test products constantly in order to offer the highest quality in the industry. They came to Web Shop Manager (WSM) looking for a full service web design and content management system that could work for them. With years of experience in the automotive industry, WSM had everything they needed and more!

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What We Did

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Speed Freaks USA have been in the wholesale and retail automotive parts and supplies business since 2001, operating out of Wisconsin and California and partnered with warehouses located in Florida, Texas, California, and North Carolina. You can always rest assured that you're in good hands with Speed Freaks since they are tirelessly creating and testing products in order to offer the best service in the industry.

Project Overview/Challenge

For the Speed Freaks USA website redesign, we put a lot of effort into creating something that would aesthetically resonate with those who have a passion for car racing. The website background is a unique texture, intended to replicate a race track. Even the logo has a speedometer incorporated into it! The new website just screams high speed racing, and after all, that's what Speed Freaks is all about!


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The visual aspect of the Speed Freaks website is quite impressive. All of the complex aspects of the design itself take place in the background, leaving much more room for the huge selection of automotive racing parts that the company has to offer. This has proven to be a god send for Speed Freaks, as they have seen a dramatic increase in website traffic and conversions as a result.