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Relays R Us

Relays R Us

Relays R Us has been an established manufacturer in their market for over 40 years, and needless to say, they know what they're doing when it comes to automotive OEM Relays. While they have been supplying auto relays to many of the top companies for a long time, they also have the ability to do business with the little guys as well. It was with this in mind that they set out to find a web design company that could build them something that would allow them to reach a variety of different audiences. Web Shop Manager (WSM) was there to offer all that and more! With full service hosting and online business management services, Relays R Us has seen great success online!

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What We Did

  • Web Design
  • Web Hosting
  • eCommerce
  • CMS



Supplying OEM relays for some of the top names in the industry over the years, such as GM & Chrysler, is testament to the fact that you’re getting parts manufactured with precision and care each and every time you conduct business with Relays R Us. The team at Web Shop Manager (WSM) found inspiration in the fact that Relays R us had started as a family manufacturing business and later began supplying to the biggest names in the automotive industry. As a result, we gave them a truly outstanding website design to supplement their business!

Project Overview/Challenge

Selling automotive relays is a relatively niche market in terms of who you can consistently sell your product to. With this in mind, WSM knew that the Relays R Us website would have to have extremely detailed explanations as to why it's a good choice to do business with them. With a detailed about us section written by WSM, high quality product descriptions, and an easy to understand menu layout Relays R Us now has a website that serves their customers perfectly.


Website Design, Web Designers, Web Hosting, Content Management System, Search Engine Optimization


The redesign and modernization of the Relays R Us Website has led to increased sales and traffic almost instantly. The importance of a modern looking website cannot be understated. Arriving on a website that looks fresh and polished instantly makes visitors want to stay longer. Due to the new design, Relays R Us has started to see increased traffic and conversions almost instantly!