MFIAP Custom Made Firearm Products



MFI is a family owned and operated firearm & firearm accessory manufacturer and dealer. Their business model is driven by a genuine love and passion for all things having to do with guns. For the past 10 years MFI has focused solely on their own MFI branded products. They are 100% customer driven and consider themselves customers / users of their own products FIRST and manufacturers / suppliers second. New product ideas can even be submitted and put into production if they are good enough!

Project Overview/Challenge

MFI is a company that is not about marketing gimmicks or ploys; they are simply extremely dedicated to providing a high quality and tested product each and every time. It was based on these same principles that they were more inclined to keep the website design and layout itself simple, and to instead make sure that everything about the site was intuitive and easy to use for customers. The two tone brown background compliments the logo colors perfectly, while the styled menu buttons give it just the right amount of grit. Since MFI also manufactures their own firearm accessories, it was imperative that we made this information readily available and easy to engage in for visitors.


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While the new website design isn't particularly flashy, both MFI and the team at WSM understand that there are more important things when it comes to generating success in selling online. Firearms and gun accessories are a serious business, so the clean design and guided navigation has led to not only increased sales, but increased orders for custom made firearm accessories.