Diamond T Enterprises



Diamond T Enterprises is a truck automotive parts & accessories manufacturer. Putting 100% of their efforts into providing the highest quality products means that you’ll always be in good hands at Diamond T. They have a team of talented engineers that are always looking for the next great automotive part or accessory to develop.

Project Overview/Challenge

One of the main challenges presented to the team at WDS in regards to the Diamond T project was creating something that could effectively showcase both their selection of bull bars, grille guards, nerf bars, selector switches, and torque converters- and their ability to custom make a variety of different kinds of automotive parts or accessories. Using guided navigation strategies, WSM was able to create something that is effective and easy to understand for customers.


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Since the launch of their new website, Diamond T has seen greatly improved numbers both in traffic, and conversions. Now that the site layout makes it easy for users to submit queries regarding custom made accessories, they have also gotten quite a few more orders on that front.