OO Gallery



All of the OO Gallery jewelry is hand made by their featured artist, Carole Miller. Carole has created and sold jewelry for more than 10 years to individuals, as well as boutiques across the country. With an impressive resume that encompasses many different artistic fields, you are always guaranteed to find an intriguing piece at OO Gallery.

Project Overview/Challenge

Since each product at OO Gallery is an original and handmade piece, it was imperative that the new website had product pages that are both detailed, and easy to update. By cutting down on the time needed to maintain these pages, the turn around from product creation to sale has been drastically reduced. An easy to understand navigation menu was also a main focus for the website design. The categories are set up in a way that allows customers to quickly find what they're looking for, and in turn generates conversions.


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With a beautiful design completed by Web Design Solutions and Web Shop Manager’s customizable product feature, built in SEO, social media integration and easy to maintain site content, OO Gallery is blowing away their competition.