MotoWheels is a motorsports retailer with a gigantic selection that would leave even industry leaders awestruck. With a huge in store inventory and by not relying on third party drop shipping, MotoWheels can ship any motorcycle part or accessory ordered from their shop same day. Not to mention, the staff is extremely knowledgeable and can assist you in finding exactly the right parts.

Project Overview/Challenge

The main concern that MotoWheels had when they came to Web Shop Manager (WSM) was that their old provider had the tendency to crash often. Having their site go down intermittently was having a negative impact on sales, so they made the decision to find a more reliable company. We informed them with confidence that our servers were more than capable to handle the load, and we would be ecstatic to help however we could.

Another challenge presented by MotoWheels was the need for an extremely robust back end that was powerful enough to handle their inventory, but also able to get things done quickly. WSM was the perfect solution, and our Year Make Model Lookup feature proved to be a godsend when it came to improving the overall navigation of the website.


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The end result for MotoWheels is fantastic and has garnered amazing success. With a creative and high quality website design that reflects their brick and mortar warehouse, they started seeing increased traffic and conversions almost immediately. Finally seeing tangible evidence of the fact that a partnership with a company that truly cares about their success, like WSM, will lead to more online sales was a huge relief for MotoWheels.

The usability of both their website and the back end content management system (CMS) that we supplied them with has led to a very high customer satisfaction rate. MotoWheels had the tools and the experience to run a successful eCommerce website from the get-go, all they needed was a web design company that values customer service the way that we do over at WSM.