Brite Chrome

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Brite Chrome

Brite Chrome

Many of the top automotive brands in the world get their chrome automotive parts & accessories developed and supplied by Brite Chrome, so we were proud that when it was time for them to invest in a enterprise level Content Management System (CMS), they chose Web Shop Manager (WSM) and trusted us to provide them with the tools to succeed online!

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What We Did

  • Web Design
  • Web Hosting
  • eCommerce
  • CMS



Brite Chrome offers top of the line, quality manufactured chrome automotive parts & accessories. Many of the top automotive brands in the world get their chrome accessories developed and supplied by Brite Chrome, so you know that you are getting the best in the business every time you order your chrome auto parts from them!

Project Overview/Challenge

The Brite Chrome website design offered a very fun and rare opportunity for designers: the name of the company itself is visually descriptive! This offers the challenge of creating something that matches that name thematically. The team at Web Shop Manager created a website that has chrome detailing throughout it, giving it a shining quality that make the website really pop. By paying attention to small details, WSM was able to create something that is a complete user experience. Combining a unique atmosphere and easy to use catalog was a great way to keep site visitors on the pages instead of back and looking somewhere else!


Website Design, Web Designers, Web Hosting, Content Management System, Search Engine Optimization, Year Make Model Lookup


Once the new Brite Chrome website launched, the company immediately started seeing positive signs in their site statistics. They were generating more traffic due to targeted optimization strategies, people were staying and looking around because of the visual design aspects, and they were even buying more because parts & accessories are easy to locate! All in all, the Brite Chrome and WSM partnership was a success.