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Professional's Choice

Professional Choice

Professional Choice is a leader in Pet Care eCommerce catering to the most regal of pets, horses. With a long history as a leader in equestrian supplies, both Western and English, they had a website for e-Commerce pet sales but were unhappy with the service that the other large eCommerce platform was providing to them. They needed to find a reliable company that did not treat customers as a number, but rather embraced having a relationship that was devoted to their clients' success.

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What We Did

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When it comes to Pet Care eCommerce, Professional’s Choice is all about providing a service of the utmost quality. Specializing specifically in supplies for horses and their enthusiasts alike, they were in the need of a Web Design company that reflected their ideals and was devoted to the success of both them, and their clientele.

Project Overview/Challenge

The design and development process for Professional's Choice was unique for a few reasons. Primarily, the challenge was in creating a website that is a full functional eCommerce store, and an informational gateway for horse owners. This means that there is an extensive amount of information that needs to be included, but the usability of the site itself cannot suffer. The team at Web Design Solutions (WDS) created an interface that is as easy to use as it is informative and useful for their customers.


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With the new partnership between Professional's Choice and Web Shop Manager (WSM), their company has enjoyed an impressive influx of traffic and conversions. A great company simply requires an equally dedicated and professional web development team in order to catapult themselves to the next level of e-business, and that's exactly the kind of results the partnership between WSM and Professional's Choice has yielded./p>

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