Discount Door & Window



Discount Door and Window (DDW) is dedicated to providing the lowest cost retrofit doors and windows on the market today. DDW accomplishes this by working with well established wholesalers, keeping overhead costs down to a minimum, and passing on the savings to you. DDW's goal is to make buying doors and windows easier and more affordable than ever before by utilizing the internet as the store front.

Project Overview/Challenge

Discount Door and Window needed an eCommerce website designed to showcase their windows & doors like a brick and mortar would. They needed to keep the eCommerce site simple, and organized to help homeowners confidently make the best decision for their project. In addition, DDW had visions of becoming a one-stop resource center answering all types of questions regarding the selection, and installation of replacement windows and doors.


Website Design, Web Designers, Web Hosting, E-Commerce, Content Management System, Search Engine Optimization


Building product pages using multiple images, and Option Sets allowed DDW to create relatively few eCommerce products. Site visitors customize their replacement window order down to the .875 of an inch, while prices adjust as each selection is made. This intuitive system makes updating products on the backend incredibly easy, and maintains a simple navigation process that encourages site visitors to click Add to Cart.

The Learning Center was built by embedding YouTube videos in site pages, and creating custom inquiry forms that can be managed easily by the site owner. The eCommerce website was designed for end users to navigate with ease and site owners to have full control of every detail.