San Diego Office



San Diego Office is the leading local supplier for everyone's office furniture needs. With stock ranging from used cubicles to amazing corner desks that you would see in a lawyers office, San Diego Office has everything.

Project Overview/Challenge

With a huge selection of products, the owner was watching his showroom staff spending an insane amount of time flipping through paper catalogs to help customers see color options and furniture variations. He also wanted to take his business online to start making some eCommerce money. He generated a golden idea! If he could find a company to build him a professional easy to use website, he could sell online and also create a virtual catalog that his employees could use to increase showroom sales.


Website Design, Web Designers, Web Hosting, E-Commerce, Content Management System


Creating the website for San Diego Office was very fulfilling as we were able to use our expertise and apply it to an enterprise level furniture company. With a simple yet effective design, created to challenge the big online office companies, San Diego Office is ready to expand to a national level.

We are up and running very well and the website has become an integral tool in our sales arsenal both here in the store and for our outside sales reps, we could not have done it without your help!!Owner, San Diego Office & Modular Design

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