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East Coast Gear Supply (ECGS) is a motivated company committed to excellence in product knowledge, product quality, and customer service. They believe that lack of knowledge and poor product quality lead to unsatisfied customers. They have dedicated all of their efforts to finding the best possible products at the least cost.

Their goal is to provide you with everything needed to outfit your axles for battle. Now whether that battle is to get groceries in rush hour traffic, be the fastest car on Friday night, or if it is to climb the biggest rock you can find, you can bet we will be there to steer you in the right direction.

Project Overview/Challenge

Beings ECGS did not have a website prior to working with Web Shop Manager (WSM), the process presenting interesting challenges. They knew that they wanted to be competitive with the “Big Boys” but did not want to blow their budget. They thought their lack of knowledge and experience could break the bank. What they found was, working with the WSM team and using Web Shop Manager to build their 4x4 & truck ecommerce site eased all their worries. Not only did they meet the challenge of the “Big Boys,” but WSM walked them through all the steps and stayed within budget!


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Because ECGS is committed to your drivetrain needs their site uses features that assist customers in finding the products they need, fast! These same features allowed them to optimize their product listings by using WSM Option feature. You can sell a ton of products without have a ton of individual product pages. You will find that they type of ecommerce sit is faster for you and faster for your customers.

The legitimacy of their site provides them a top listing on Google. Without WSM's advance SEO features this may not be possible. But the feature/listing has made a huge difference in their sales. Get your site at the top of Google, contact us today!

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